Full rules are available for download from the EA National website. Download National EA Website.

Competition Criteria

  • Bridle/saddle numbers must be displayed in all competitions. When riding in an official competition, the numbers must be displayed on both sides (EFA Rules).
  • The EA issues a bridle number for all registered horses holding a current EFA Dressage Performance Card.
  • Horses must be under control at all time.
  • Running reins, martingales, boots or bandages are disallowed in tests. Bearing/Running or balancing reins may NOT be used at anytime. Only one lunge rein, two single side reins may be used in warm-up. Check EA full Rules. Download National EA Website

General Rules

  • Parking permitted on the outer perimeters of the grassed areas.

Competition Entry

  • Horses may be entered in Official OR Associate tests only on any day. One person only may ride the horse.
  • All tests may be called up to and including Advanced except Championship Events and as determined by OC. (EFA Sec1.8).
  • Use of voice during Tests may be penalised.
  • Late entries or telephone calls requiring information for allocated times not accepted. Entrants must forward a stamped self addressed envelope if they wish to receive a copy of the draw in the post. The draw is also posted on this website.
  • Entrants may elect to be placed on a Reserve List (if contacted) in order to replace withdrawals.
  • Only two consecutive dressage levels to be ridden on the day per horse.
  • Horse to be ridden by one competitor only on the day.
  • Horse may only be (ridden) worked by the competing rider on the day. Grooms may ride the horse at walk on a loose rein.
  • If only one rider in a class, must obtain 55% to be eligible for a ribbon. If only one junior entrant, may elect to compete with seniors. Please inform Convenor of the day before competing.
  • Riders wishing to ride H/C must elect to do so before the class commences.
  • If withdrawing or scratching please advise the Club Secretary as soon as possible.

Dress Code

  • PROTECTIVE HATS meeting Australian Standards must be worn at all times when mounted. Current numbers: AS/NZS3838, EN1384, ASTMF1163.
  • Gloves are required to be worn when riding, in accordance with EA Rules.  White gloves are preferred.
  • Formal attire for Official/Championship Events. Other events - neat casual dress only. If jackets are permitted to be removed, shirts must have short or long sleeves - no sleeveless shirts allowed.
  • Plaiting is not compulsory except for Official Championship events. Plaiting is not required at AHDC Club Championship events.
  • Gaiters (leather outer-same boot colour) allowed.


  • Allocated numbers to be displayed on bridle/saddle. Ensure the Judge identifies your number as you present, (if still writing-ride around the Arena once more) the judge will indicate starting signal of whistle or car horn etc. You may then proceed to letter A and await their signal to commence (within 45 seconds).

Championship Events

  • Results are displayed prior to presentations. Riders to be present in competition attire-unmounted. These Events are often sponsored and Representatives of the Companies involved may be attending, hence the competitors' appreciation must be demonstrated by their presence at the award ceremony

Pony Dressage

  • Classes offered for Official & Associate, Senior & Junior.
  • Seniors 17yrs and over, Juniors 10 to 16yrs on the day.
  • Ponies (Official Competition) must be EA Registered, owners and riders must be financial EA members and hold Performance Card & Height Certificate. Young Riders may be junior members.
  • Associate ponies-no EFA requirements.
  • Ponies may compete in all competitions.


  • All competitors must sign-in upon arrival. If not attending, please telephone and notify the Club Secretary.