Explanation of Classes & Memberships

Competitive:  You MUST be a Competitive member of EA.  Your horse must be registered and have a current Competition Licence (previously called Performance Card).   Grading points can be accrued and recorded.
Participant:  you MUST be a Competitive OR Participant member of EA.  Your horse does not need to be registered nor does it need a current Competition Licence.  Grading points are NOT accrued. 
Closed Unrestricted:  you MUST be a member of AHDC or EA.  However if you only have EA membership you cannot compete at Elementary level or above in Closed Unrestricted classes without being a member of AHDC.  (Text Sally (Secretary) on 0429 190 653 for further information).  No grading points are accrued at this level.
AHDC members can claim Member Discounts on all tests in all categories – Nominate will prompt you to tick the appropriate boxes.

2019 Calendar 

Adelaide Hills Dressage Club

Strathalbyn, South Australia

ALL ENTRIES VIA NOMINATE:   www.nominate.com.au

AHDC membership is due 1 July - see the membership page for the link to join.


SUNDAY 14 July             Closed Unrestricted

ENTRIES NOW OPEN     Tests: Prep C, Prep D, Prelim to Advanced As and Bs
                                            Entries close Monday 1 July


SUNDAY 11 August     Competitive, Participant, Closed Unrestricted, PARA TESTS

                                         Tests: Prep C, Prep D, Prelim to Advanced Bs and Cs
                                        Entries close Monday 29 July

​SUNDAY 8 September    Closed Unrestricted, Golden Oldies (TBC, tests for Golden Oldies TBC)

                                          Tests:  Prep A, Prep C, Prelim to Advanced As and Bs

                                         Entries close Monday 26 August

​​12 - 13 October           Horseland Mt Barker Spring Festival

                                        Comp, FEI, Young Horse, Participant Prelim & Novice classes
                                        Tests:  Prelim to Advanced Bs and Cs
                                        Entries close Monday September 2 September (TBC)