Date                      Type of Competition                                                                   Closing Date

Sun 11 November            Closed Unrestricted                                                     Mon 29 October

​Sun 9 December              Competitive, Participant, Closed Unrestricted          Mon 26 November

Enter via Nominate:  November is open for entries.

Strathalbyn, South Australia

Adelaide Hills Dressage Club

2018 Calendar

Sunday 13 January      Competitive, Participant, Closed Unrestricted, Young Horse

Sunday 10 February     Closed Unrestricted, Combined Training

Sunday 10 March         Competitive, Participant, Closed Unrestricted

SATURDAY 6 April         Protocol day - 1/2 hour blocks - ride a test and then have coaching

SUNDAY 7 April              Competitive, Participant, Closed Unrestricted

2019 Calendar