www.equestrian.org.au/news/%E2%80%9Cif-doubt-%E2%80%93-sit-them-out%E2%80%9D-ea-concussion-protocols-implementation-all-disciplines-1-july-2019.  If a rider falls from a horse anywhere on the grounds at a competition he or she must report to the Clubhouse for a CRT5 Tool assessment by the Designated Person before continuing to ride.  Upon recognition of suspected concussion, the rider will be removed from further competition.  If no concussion is suspected then the rider may continue to ride.  If there is a suspected concussion then the rider will have to provide a medical clearance from a GP before being allowed to compete with in 6 days if over 18 yrs and 14 days if under 18 yrs.

HOT WEATHER POLICY - note that the temperature has been downgraded from 1.1.23:  

Adelaide Hills Dressage Club will automatically CANCEL events if: 
The forecast for the Strathalbyn area on the BOM app on the Friday before an event is for a temperature of 35⁰ C or above, OR
• The CFS advises there will be Catastrophic fire conditions in the Mt Lofty Ranges for the day of an event, OR
​• At the discretion of the AHDC Committee if there is a sudden increase in temperature on Saturday night's forecast after a suitable Friday night forecast.