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2022  Membership Fees - Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December 2022.

MEMBERSHIP IS NOW 1/2 PRICE (16 JUNE 2022) UNTIL THE END OF 2022.  1/2 price rates are in the table below.

Type of Membership (1/2 price as at 16.6.22)Annual Fee
Senior Member$25.00
Youth Member (under 21 years of age)$15.00
Associate Membership (non rider over 18 years)$12.50
Family Membership$40.00
Moving Forward online from August 2018FREE DOWNLOAD

ALL MEMBERSHIPS ALSO INCUR A COMPULSORY HELPER LEVY (refunded on your helper day).  A day of at least 4 hours (pencilling preferred) at a competition is required for the refund of your Helper Levy, however also refer to the Covid 19 information above.  We require pencillers at all competitions - a great way to help out and learn as you pencil.

$20.00 (normally $40 for full membership rates)

Our membership year starts on 1 January each year.  Half price membership is available from 1 July each year. 

Moving Forward magazine is now available online from our website and is free for everyone - members and non members.

Day Membership (for people new to dressage or very casual competitors) - $5 per rider - if you are not an EA/AHDC member you can apply for Day Membership twice only during a calendar year.  After that you will need to join AHDC (or EA) to compete.  ***On Competitive comp days, EA only riders in CUR classes riding Elementary or above must be AHDC members (EA rule).  Riders in these classes are exempt from the twice a year Day Membership rule.***

Nominate will recognise that you are not an EA/AHDC member and ask you to renew membership.  Scroll and select "One Day Membership" (not "Senior" or "Youth") in the Membership Category at the top of the page and proceed through.  You will need to nominate a helper day as this is part of the annual membership process (but won't apply to Day Members).  

We cater for riders of every level - from beginners to FEI and we hold competitions for competitive as well as non-competitive riders and club days.

  • We offer 4 levels of membership - Senior, Junior, Family and Associate (non riders over 18 years of age)
  • Reduced entry fees
  • Competition opportunities - Competitive EA, non-competitive (Participation, Closed Unrestricted) and Closed Restricted (club members only)
  • Educational Opportunities - clinics and combined training days
  • An opportunity to meet new friends with similar interests
  • Support the Club and the sport of dressage

AHDC is now including a compulsory (and potentially refundable) annual Helper Levy of $40, payable with your membership. 

***Due to Covid-19 restrictions we cannot offer half helper days at this stage (unless you are assisting with setting up arenas).  We need to restrict the number of people on the grounds and keep the same people with our judges for a whole day as much as possible so as not to put them at risk.  Members who join for 6 months (after our June comp) and pay $20 helper levies will receive $25 for an entire day's pencilling, as do non-members who pencil for us and are not charged or refunded the helper levy***

If you are unable to assist on your nominated day you may nominate another day.  Members who wish to ride and not assist us for the year are requested to contact the Secretary and advise of such, in which case your $40 will not be refunded.  The policy is designed to encourage members to assist us in a similar manner to other SA Dressage Clubs.