HOTY, POTY and YOTY are “AHDC Members only” Awards.  Riders must be full financial members of AHDC at the competition when they ride their test/s (Day Members are NOT included) to have their points counted. 

Points in a class are awarded to AHDC members only, regardless of how many riders in a class.  They are then ranked into the top six placings.  So if a member places 2nd in a class (behind a non-member), they will be awarded 6 points as the AHDC member winner of that class and so on.  

1st place - 6 points, 2nd place - 5 points, 3rd place - 4 points, 4th place - 3 points, 5th place - 2 points, 6th place - 1 point.  Points are recorded during the year and include scores over 55% from all of our competitions except (February CT, April Protocol day and October Spring festival).   The results are updated on our website so riders can all see where they are standing throughout the year.   

However there are now additional points available to allow more members to obtain points.  The November points have been updated (see below) using the new, fairer system.

The second set of points is based on the % score (similar to EA point allocation).  Eg. first place (for AHDC members only) with 65% would get 6 points for the place and another 3 points for their score = 9 points in total.

 Between 60% to 61.999% 1 point
Between 62% to 63.999% 2 points
Between 64% to 65.999% 3 points
Between 66% to 67.999% 4 points
Between 68% to 69.999% 5 points
Between 70% to 71.999% 6 points
72% and over 7 points

 The current Round starts with the November 2023 competition.

Horse Of The Year, Pony Of The Year and Youth Of The Year