Youth of the Year

Zoe Gaston & Rivington Silent Poet

Link to HOTY, POTY and YOTY points after our September 2022 competition (final results).  The next round will start in November 2022.

Congratulations to our 2021 winners, Cheryl Hatswell & Christos HOTY,  Jen Davenport & Kolbeach Riding Miss Daisy POTY and Caitlin Goldsmith & Native Attica YOTY! 

Horse Of The Year, Pony Of The Year and Youth Of The Year

Horse of the Year

Camille Houston & One Soc Down

Pony of the Year

Jo Cullen & Strathrose The Con Man

HOTY Guidelines  (Includes Horse of the year, Youth of the year and Pony of the year)

HOTY Is a prestigious 'members only' award, riders must be a full financial member (day members not included) at the time they ride their test to have their points counted. 

1st place - 6points
2nd place - 5points
3rd place - 4points

 HOTY points are recorded during the year and include scores over 55% from all of our competitions except (February CT, April Protocol day and October Spring festival).  Results are posted on our website so riders can all see where they are standing throughout the year.

The HOTY, YOTY & POTY will be presented at our Sunday afternoon presentations at this year's Spring Festival on 9 October 2022. 

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