HoTY, PoTY and YoTY runs from October to September (inclusive).  The winners are calculated after the September competition and announced at the Spring Festival presentations in October.


The top six placegetters in each class receive points, when the percentages are 55% or greater.

6 points for 1st place
5 points for 2nd place

4 points for 3rd  place

3 points for 4th  place
2 points for 5th  place
1 points for 6th  place

These points can be achieved in any competition and in any category, including unofficial Preparatory tests.  Points are awarded for each unique Horse and Rider combination at each competition.  

February's Combined Training is an exception as all Dressage classes are Open competitions.  Combined Training classes do not attract points.  You will be given points on your placing as an Open rider, not necessarily as a Pony or Youth rider.  eg. if you are a Youth or Pony rider and place 3rd in a class and the first 2 placegetters are riding Horses, you will score 4 points as a third placegetter instead of 6 points for a first placing Youth or Pony.

Horse Of The Year, Pony Of The Year and Youth Of The Year

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After the disruption of 2020 when we didn't have an Award for HOTY,YOTY or POTY we have started afresh with points at the October 11th Horseland Mt Barker EXTRAVAGANZA Competition.  The Awards will be presented at the 2021 Spring Festival.