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8 March 2020 Comp - please read BEFORE you click the draw button below.  The information is repeated on the first page of the draw in case you don't read it here:)

-  The Hot Weather Policy applies - see our website:  Updates will be posted on Facebook.
-  ALL COMPETITORS (Competitive, Participant AND Closed Unrestricted MUST present to the Gear Check BEFORE EACH CLASS.  Failure to Gear Check means you WILL BE ELIMINATED (2019 Dressage Rules).
The EA Concussion Policy applies.  Ensure you are familiar with the Policy!
-  If a rider falls from a horse anywhere on the grounds at a competition he or she must report to the Clubhouse for a CRT5 Tool assessment by the Designated Person before continuing to ride.  Upon recognition of suspected concussion, the rider will be removed from further competition.  If no concussion is suspected then the rider may continue to ride.  If there is a suspected concussion then the rider will have to provide a medical clearance from a GP before being allowed to compete with in 6 days if over 18 yrs and 14 days if under 18 yrs. 

- Horse ID numbers are now required for all competitors at all comps.  ALL HORSES NEED TO COMPLY.  See the link on our website for more information:  If you don't have an EA bridle number we have allocated you a temporary number for this competition.
If you have an EA bridle number but it wasn’t on your entry form we have allocated an AHDC number.  You may use your EA bridle number but please email or text the Secretary that you are doing this: or 0429 190 653.
- See the "Why We Won't Change The Draw" link on the draw page  BEFORE you ask for a change to your draw.
 Formal dress is required for Competitive classes.  Plaiting is desirable for Competitive classes but not compulsory.
- Neat casual dress for Participant and Closed Unrestricted classes.  Plaiting and or jackets are not required but you may plait or wear a jacket if you wish.
Scratchings and Draw Questions:  text Cathy (Draw Secretary) on 0400 289 481 (text = shiftworker).  Email your scratching certificates (medical or vet) to the Treasurer:  Refunds are processed in accordance with the 2019 EA Dressage Rules.  If you scratch after the close of entries you will receive half your total fees and levies .
- Other queries:  text Sally (Secretary) on 0429 190 653 (text = shiftworker).
Uncollected tests will be scanned and emailed to all competitors during the week after the competition (free service).  If you want your ribbon (and or the actual test) please pay $1 for the stamp at the desk before you leave.

***Please help us to pack up the arenas and numbers at the end of the competition.   Tests will not be made available until the arenas and numbers are completely loaded onto the trailers so your help means your test will be available sooner!  We really appreciate it - we've spent the weekend setting up and running the comp for YOU :)​


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