Strathalbyn, South Australia

Competition Draw

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Adelaide Hills Dressage Club


Scratchings/Draw Questions: text Cathy (Draw Secretary) on 0400 289 481
Email certificates (medical or vet) to the Treasurer:

*** From 1 March 2024 Gear Checking is compulsory for ALL riders AFTER EACH TEST at unofficial competitions as well as official competitions.  Failure to Gear Check = Elimination.  You may also present to the Gear Check for a check before your test/s if you are unsure about your saddlery/equipment but you still need to Gear Check after your test/s ***

Please read the "Why We Won't Change The Draw" link above

 Refer to Section 5 (page 54) of the 2024 Equestrian Australia Dressage Rules for permitted dress and equipment (including permitted saddles, bridles etc).   Copy and paste this link to your browser:  CLEAN_NATIONAL_DRESSAGE_RULES_1_JANUARY_2024.pdf (

- If you wish to have your test emailed, please email the Secretary:  Tests are no longer automatically emailed.
- On arrival Check in at the Desk so we know you intend to ride.
- Horses must have their bridle number displayed on both sides of a halter, saddle blanket or bridle at all times - except when in a stable.
- The EA Concussion Rule applies if a Rider has a fall.
- From 1 July 2022 helmets must be tagged to show they are a current approved safety standard. No tag on an unapproved helmet = ELIMINATION.  Approved helmets are listed in the 2024 Dressage Rules (Section 5.2).
- Lunging is not permitted near or within arenas. Please lunge in or adjacent to the Pony Club sand arena, or near the front roadway.
- Practice Arenas:  please do not lunge or circle repeatedly in one spot (so you don't damage the grass) but horses may be led. 
- Do not congregate near arena entrances in the way of other Competitors about to start their test when you have finished yours.
- You may have your tests called at competitions, except at the Spring Festival.
- Your results will be available on Nominate's Scoreboard as soon as they are calculated.  Overall class results will be uploaded to our website later in the evening.

- Neat casual dress and no plaiting required as this is a Closed Restricted competition.