Please note that you may have to jump BEFORE your dressage test !  Interschool tests are different to the other Combined Training tests so pleas read carefully.

Showjumping starts at 9am with the 45cm class.  Height increases will be announced over the PA during the day so please pay attention.  Remember to allow time to walk the course before you ride !  Course walking times will be announced over the PA.  You may jump at your height level when you are ready but remember you may need to jump BEFORE your dressage test due to the large number of competitors.

If your name is highlighted in yellow, there is a problem with your entry - please text Sally on 0429 190 653 urgently.

Enquiries about the draw or scratchings - please text the Draw Secretary on 0400 289 481.

Adelaide Hills Dressage Club

Strathalbyn, South Australia

Competition Draw

You will need Adobe Reader to view and print these forms.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download the latest version for free.

Due to time constraints, at the end of the day tests and ribbons will be held back until ALL THE ARENAS ARE DISMANTLED AND PLACED ON THE TRAILER.

Queries and Scratching

If you have queries about the draw or are scratching from the competition, please text the Draw Secretary on 0400 289 481 (after 4.30pm on weekdays).  The mobile number is also listed on the draw.

Bridle Numbers

All horses must wear TWO bridle numbers ie on both sides of either their bridles or saddle blankets in Competitive classes.

We run under EA rules.  You may download these from the EA website.

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