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AHDC has a QR Code - ALL PEOPLE on the grounds MUST check in using our QR Code or sign-in sheet (a compulsory Government directive) either at the gate when you enter or at the desk when you check in.  Competitors, grooms, friends, spectators, Committee - everybody.  No exceptions.  Please do not attend if you have any Covid-like symptoms.

- SOCIAL DISTANCING APPLIES.  Park at least 5 m away from the next float, leave a stable between your horse and or gear.

- The EA Concussion Policy applies.  Ensure you are familiar with the Policy.

- Read the "Why We Won't Change The Draw" link on the draw page http://www.ahdc.net.au/draw.html.  Remember this is a very large event with many classes and riders with more than one horse

- Horse ID numbers are now required for all competitors at all comps.  ALL HORSES NEED TO COMPLY.  Numbers on halters / bridles / saddlecloths at all times (except when stabled).

- The Hot Weather Policy is on the Draw page of our website:  www.ahdc.net.au.  Competitions are also cancelled if there is a Catastrophic fire forecast.  Updates will be posted on Facebook and our website

- No Gear Checking as this is an Unrestricted competition

- Neat casual dress - no plaiting or jackets required

- Showjumping starts at 9.30 am with the 45 cm class
- You may have to jump BEFORE your dressage test as there are a lot of competitors.  You may jump at your height 

  level whenever you are ready
- Please arrive with enough time to walk your course.  Course walking times will be announced over the PA.
- Height increases will be announced over the PA during the day at approximately one hour intervals so please pay attention. 

- Tests can be collected from the Clubhouse.  Tests not collected will be emailed within a few days.

- We have a catering van - but social distancing applies!

- Scratchings/Draw Questions:  text Cathy (Draw Secretary) on 0400 289 481 (text = shiftworker).  Email certificates (medical or vet) to the Treasurer:   wellsy1964@bigpond.com

- Other enquiries:  text Sally (Secretary) on 0429 190 653 (text = shiftworker)

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